A restaurant at your disposal throughout all the season.

When we are on holidays, no way to stand out the slightest constraint. We have only a desire, to take advantage oh the life., and the fact tjat our catering service in present is not the fruit of the chance. We wished to put at the disposal of our holidays makers of the tasty dishes on the spot, within the campsite, and the whole at a completely accessible price, so that all the family can benefit from it. And it is certain that the pleasure will be there,  because they are dishes able to charm the small ones like the large ones. You can order on the spot or to take to taste your dishes directly since your terrace of your mobile home.

What eats one at the restaurant of our campsite in Aquitaine.

Of course, a family card cannot be it without the presence of pizzas. You can so find a large number of different receipts, up to the pizza harms in Nutella, which makes a devastation near young people. But one will be able to tatse also there traditional dishes like the duck breast or the mussels fried, or our novelty 2018 THE BURGER UNDER DIFFERENT FORMS, without of course forgetting a delicious roast chicken red large Label essential of the holidays.

The gourmands can also come to have breakfast or to order croissants and similar products the day of before to feast. Also ice cream, pancakes and candies are proposed by the restaurant snack bar.

Finally, this one becomes animated every week at the time of meal with topics, which should open the appetite to you.

Our 2018 dishes and pizzas card

Steak fried
with fries (Charal) 7,50 €
Steak fried egg on with fries (Charal) 8,40 €
Skirt steak with fries 12,20 €
Merguez fries 7,00 €
Plate “Les Familles” (ham, fried eggs, french fries) 7,50 €
Fried squids 11,00 €
Crêpe complete (egg, ham, cheese) 7,80 €
Green salad 2,40 €
salad 8,80 €
French fries (portion) 2,50 € (4 people) 9,00 € (6 people) 13,00 €
Sauces (Shallots / Blue cheese) 1,80 €

Miam-Miam Burger 14,00 €
Chopped butchered steak, candied onions, tomato, salad, cheddar, sheep.
Landais Burger 15,00 €
Duck breast, ewe, butchered steak, candied onions, tomato, salad, cheddar cheese.
Cheese Kid Burger 10,80 €
butchered steak, cheddar.

Our Burgers are accompanied by fries, vegetables and green salad.

Dishes on order:
Roast Chicken (Label Rouge) Homemade Sauce 3h before 17,80 €
Mussels and fries the day before 9,80 €

On-site or take-away pizzas:
7,00 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, olives
Reine 8,90 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, shoulder, mushrooms, olives
Gorgonzola 9,20 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, gorgonzola, olives
Flammekueche 9,00 €
Fresh cream, bacon, onions, olives
Oriental 9,80 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, merguez, chorizo, onions, olives
Calzone Slipper 10,20 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, shoulder, mushrooms, eggs, olives
4 cheeses 10,20 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, reblochon, goat, gorgonzola, olives
Hawaii 10,00 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, pineapple, bacon, chorizo, cream, olives
The Families 10,50 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, onions, anchovies, mushrooms, bacon, olives
Tartiflette 12,50 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, potatoes, bacon, reblochon, onions, olives
Bergère 12,20 €
Fresh cream, pizza cheese, goat, duck breast, honey, olives
Oceane 14,20 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, onions, anchovies, mushrooms, squid rings, prawns, seafood, lemon, olives
Hungry 15,00 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, onions, mushrooms, shoulder, chopped steak, olives
Miam-Miam pizza 15,20 €
Tomato, pizza cheese, bacon, magret, chorizo, goat, onions, olives
Provençale 12,00 €
Tomato, Pizza cheese, courgettes, eggplant, peppers, onions, garlic, parmesan, olives
Pizza dessert (for 4 people) 8,00 €
Pizza at the Nutella
Cream, egg, onions or olives 0,50 €
Cheese, anchovies, bacon, chorizo ​​or honey 1,00 €
Steak, breast or ham 2,00 €