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1. Introduction

SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES, as part of its services and its contacts with customers, is committed to a personal data protection policy..

In addition, the European GDPR regulations which came into force in 2018 will be the basis for the processing of personal data for the company SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES.

If you are a structure processing personal data, there is a good chance that you are subject to the provisions of the GDPR.

In this regard, you are subject to obligations which must be complied with.

The same applies to SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES which, in view of its situation, will have two obligations: in its capacity as subcontractor or data controller.

Abbreviations GDPR: EU General Data Protection Regulation: European Union.

2. 2. Obligations as a sub-contractor

The personal data that is stored and used is under its sole responsibility.

Any intervention on this data on the part of SARL CAMPING DES FAMILIES is done:
On an express and formal request of the customer within the framework of the support.
On a maintenance intervention for which SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES undertakes to notify the customer as soon as possible.
At the request of a representative of justice or public administration.

SARL CAMPING DES FAMILIES only authorizes them after ensuring the validity and merits of the request.

Access to customer data remains regulated thanks to specific authorizations and special control and security measures.

In all cases, the customer remains solely responsible for the integrity of his data and the legality of his own processing.

Within this scope SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES undertakes:

Not to use the personal data of customers for the sole purpose of the proper execution of its services or at the formal request of the customer.
Not to transfer your data outside the EU or outside countries recognized by the European Commission as having a sufficient level of protection.
Inform you and request your formal authorization for any use of subcontractors who may process your personal data.
Implement high security standards in order to provide a high level of security to our services.
Notify you as soon as possible in the event of a breach of your data.
Assist you in meeting your regulatory obligations by providing you with adequate documentation of our services.

3. 3. Obligations as data controller

SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES is declared as data controller when it determines its purposes and means concerning the processing of its data.

The data collected may be of a commercial, accounting, statistical or technical nature.

Within this scope SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES undertakes:

To limit the collection of data to those strictly useful and necessary for commercial, technical and billing services.
Not to use the data collected for purposes other than those for which they were collected.
To retain personal data for a limited and proportionate period.

4. 4. Published Information

The information published, including its appearance and characteristics, on the website is not contractual.

This information does not in any way constitute an assertion, a guarantee or any commitment on the part of with regard to any product or service:

1/ SARL CAMPING DES FAMILIES declines all responsibility, express or implied, as to their completeness, accuracy or suitability for any purpose.

2/ SARL CAMPING DES FAMILIES has made every effort to ensure that the information accessible via its website is accurate. However, we do not guarantee in any way that this information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

3/ SARL CAMPING DES FAMILIES does not provide any guarantee, express or tacit, concerning all or part of its website. Under no circumstances can SARL CAMPING DES FAMILIES be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, arising from the use of its website.

4/ The establishment of hypertext links to other sites or resources available on the Internet cannot engage the responsibility of SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES nor that of its host for the content offered by the designated sites.

5/ SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES declines all responsibility for the content of sites linked to the website.

6/ SARL CAMPING DES FAMILLES declines all responsibility for the relevance of the information provided and the use that an Internet user is likely to make of it.

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