The beach, the sun

Located in the heart of the Médoc Regional Natural Park (PNR-Médoc), a multitude of fine sandy beaches await you!

Beach of the Gurp (5km ot the campsite)

The beach of the Gurp, on the commune of Grayan et l’Hôpital, is a wild beach whose calm slices with the surrounding beaches in north, close to the animation of the tradesmen of Soulac-sur-Mer.
In the south, one reaches it by the road of the Ocean or via the village Euronat, the greatest naturist vacation centre of France.
Savage and preserved, accessible via large and beautiful cycle path, bordered by large fair fine sand dunes.

Beach of Amelie (10km of the campsite)

Located on the commune of Soulac-sur-Mer it is pleasant for the families, a dam into hard made rocks and wood planted in sand, coming to protect the dunes and close dwellings bring also hapiness children, because the water , retained behind the dams leaves a kind of swimming pool to calm water. Businesses, restaurants nearby.

Camping Des Familles : Camping Des Familles Grayan Medoc Le Gurp
Camping Des Familles : Camping Des Familles Plage Amelie

Central beach of Soulac sur Mer (15km of the campsite)

The Central beach of Soulac-sur-Mer is very appreciated holidays makers who discover
a broad supervised beach, directly in the alignment of the large pedestrian street and commercial of the dowtown area.
An excellent quality of sand and an impression of vastness seize the visitor with the first glance: the Central beach is spread out and joined the Northern beach and the Southern beach (more wild) continuously participant to leave this impression of size.

Beaches of Vendays-Montalivet (10km of the campsite)

The three beaches of Montalivet extend on 12km, the central beach is in prolongation of the shopping streets. Bronzing, bathe but you will find also a school of surfing and a club Mickey for young people. With proximity the large market is held the every day!

Camping Des Familles : Camping Des Familles Soulac Sur Mer Plage

Camping Des Familles : Camping Des Familles Montalivet Plage1